General Nashi Des (nashidesei) wrote in bizarrereviews,
General Nashi Des

What kind of name is "Hell Rell" anyway?

Yo MajinBakaHentai you faggot I'll smack off your Kuffi for thinking that rainbow shit you damn homo.

Okay, this is by far the ODDEST review I have ever gotten. EVER. I have no clue what this person was thinking reviewing me in an attepmt to insult mimi_sardinia, but it didn't work. I just sort of stared for a long minute and then smiled because I finally had something to post in here. ^_^

What's weirder is that it was attached to More Than A Memory, which is a Cloud/Adult!Marlene fic, and thus has nothing "rainbow" in it at all. Unless you count the one line of Vincent's in which he stated, indirectly, that he was there because he loved Cloud too. Which wasn't the point of the story at all.
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