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Oookay ...

Someone just reviewed one of my stories on ff.net. All nice and dandy, me happy to have feedback. But that was a weird bird. He/she reviewed every single chapter ... not too weird except for me finding 27 new mails in my mailbox and wondering what this was all about. Most of the reviews were of the 'I love this story please update soon' kind, which are always good to take in my opinion. It might even be the incentive I need to finally write the next part which has been bugging me for two months.

To situate things, this is Gundam Wing New Type story with three original characters playing secondary roles, a threesome and the comeback of the Zero System and with 27 parts out already.

Chapter 6

Elisabeth... oo! I have a friend called Elizabeth! She's pwetty...xoxo

Noo...Quatre...she was just trying to help. Baad Quatre.

xoxo Update! xoxo


Chapter 7

Trowa loves Wufei. Trowa loves Wufei. Tralalla...

Geez, Trowa. First u love Cat, then Dorothy, the now Wufei? OMG...

Nice chapter! Update!



Chapter 8

Wow. Quatre's a Gundam pilot?! So young, so lethal...

Okay, okay. I'm just trying to act as surprised as Dr. Carter is. How
good an actor am I, huh?

xox four-leaf-clover oxo


Chapter 10

Jay Maleda, you are dead. In both ways.

If the boss won't kill you, I will tie you up and put you in a potato
sack where you will have to eat potatoes for the rest of your life!
-insert evil laugh-

...wait. Potatoes aren't so bad. I like potatoes.


xoxo D.N.A. xoxo


Chapter 12

Oh no... a freaky love triangle...

While you're at it why don't you make it a love square and add me into
it? j/k




Chapter 13

You're not a scientist, are you? All these brain waves things make me
wonder if I even have a brain. Wow. Mine must be miniscular compared to


:: Bye-bye ::


Chapter 15

Are you annoyed at me for jamming up your whole email system with
reviews? I hope not. ... but now I can't even check my own email. I wonder
why that is...?

One conclusion gathered from this chapter:
Duo is dangerous.

:: C ya ::


Chapter 26

I'm seeing stars... trallala...

Lucky I can type so fast.

xoxoxo love your story xoxox


Chapter 27

Wait a minute. I though Cat was resistant to drugs?!

Mission complete! All chapters reviewed! I love myself.

See you haven't updated in awhile. Don't be shy. I'm waiting!

xoxo mission complete. Hope to see you again soon. xoxo

To be honest, I am really flattered that someone would take the time it actually takes to review each chapter, even thogh the 'update' on chappie 6 had me staring at my screen for a while. Some of these reviews were even helpful, even if it's just to make me move my ass and write the rest. And, as a bonus, they cracked me up totally. I'm spending a good Sunday thanks to that person. Too bad I don't have an e-mail addy for them to answer and say thanks.
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