Seiberwing (seiberwing) wrote in bizarrereviews,

This made my jaw drop.

another femme bot? I just wnat to tell oy uone thing though
You know Arabi's team? Well... They dien't talk at all in this chapter and just to be on the safe side in the future. Don't put to much time into Arabi. It'll make her team look like main chracters in the beginning but if you spend more time on her. The readers will be all huh? It's like the team were main characters in the beginning but as you get later in the series its all about Arabi ya know. Just take this advice if you want to. Good chapter! ^-^
P.S. Whatch out so Arabi won't become a Mary Sue!

Bad mechanics aside, this person also writes Sues, although I think she's trying to get better. But to see her actually giving such
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