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Okay, this review is NOT for a fic of mine, but it was SO WEIRD that I had to share it with the rest of you. I don't even know this fandom--I found the fic through fanficrants and the reviews had me cracking up--but this sort of stuff is plenty enough to keep me away from these stories at the very least.

i was reading and i like the story alot. i'l be your beta if you haven't picked one yet. oh and a mary-sue is like a character (particually a female) who is described as being good at everything and very pretty. they are also usually paired up with a main character (but dean and sam are so cute, how could anyone not make up a character to pair them up with?).

The bizarreness of this review is caused by the fact that this person wants to be a Beta. A Beta. With conventions and grammar like this, they want to fix someone else's writing. Dear Gaea, that gave me the giggles.
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