sue_sue_magoo (sue_sue_magoo) wrote in bizarrereviews,


I know this is a community for strange reviews, and I guess this kind of falls into that category, but this is more hurtful than strange.


I have something to tell you, you are a man. Now at first you will think i am
being mean but if you take only 1 second out of your boring life to check your
self you will see that i am right. As you would know you are attracted to men
which brings me to the title of your novel, Faggot. YOU ARE A FAGGOT. I found
this out by reading all you very crap, boring, old, dull and unstructed stories.
You can also not write and at 17 years of age don't you think you should get
away from the computer and get yourself a life. It will be hard at first cause
your are a boring faggot that just found out they were a man but if you keep
tring you will oneday get a friend, they may not like you and only talk to you
cause you have money (i didn't say sex cause i can tell you are a virgin and you
and me both know you will always be a virgin) but atlease you can say you have a
'friend'. Now i hope after reading this you have realised that you spend to much
time writting books and should go out sometime and do what ever you can to get a
'friend' because you realy need one.

Am I just being sensitive, or is this just a bit too harsh?

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