Seiberwing (seiberwing) wrote in bizarrereviews,

I got this review a while back:

SHOCKBOX: Sweet yet sad yet cute! I love it! Ransack rules!

CRUMPLEZONE: What about me?


RANSACK: Maybe her batteries went dead.

SHOCKBOX: My batteries did not go dead! I charged them this morning! I'm just thinking about how cool it would be if Sieberwing updated this fic!

SIXSHOT: You have to update me or else she'll take me appart and turn me into a toaster!

I replied, saying that it was a one-shot and please don't turn Sixshot into a toaster, he's one of my favorites.

Shockbox: *Is on top of Sixshot and has a egg beater* Toaster time!

Sixshot: Holy slag! I don't wanna be a toaster!

Shockblast: Shockbox! Get off my bro! You just got an e-mail from some
Seiberwing person!

Shockbox: *Gets off of Sixshot and reads the e-mail* I finally know what
one-shot means!

Shockblast: Are you saying that before you read that fic that you had no clue
what one-shot ment!

Shockbox: Yes but now I don't have a reason to turn Sixshot into a toaster! Who am I goanna turn into a toaster now? *Pauses for a brief moment* Oh, Redalert! I got something for you! *Runs off towards Redalert's room*

Sixshot: And I thought Shockblast was crazy.

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