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Okay, this isn't about reviews for one of my fics, but reviews for a fic by an author I really like.

The story itself was pretty creepy and was about identity-theft and rape. But it doesn't scare me half as much as the reviews, half of which are like "OMG HE SHOULD TOTALLY DATE TEH RAPIST! SOHAWT!"

Uh-huh, fanbrats. I'm sure the raped guy really wants to break up with his nice, though weird, alien boyfriend so he can have buttsex with his best friend who kind of, oh I don't know, raped him? Even if it was good sex, even the guy did kind of have a crush on his best friend, it's still rape! If the person is lying to you about who they are, it's freaking rape! Why can't you dumbasses get that through your thick skulls? **headdesk to the max**
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